Galveston 2018

Hi everyone! I just got back from a beach trip to Galveston, TX that I went on with my mom, our good friend Mrs. Sally, and another art teacher friend. It was so much fun. We had a beach house in walking distance from the beach and no plans for an entire week. Get up … Continue reading Galveston 2018

HOME update!

Hey guys! Remember forever ago when I posted about the HOME wall decor? But I didn't post a finished project because I didn't have the right things to hang it with? Well, my husband hooked me up this past week and it looks great! I love it so much and I cannot wait to add … Continue reading HOME update!

Parabens, sulfates, um, what?

Hey party people, There's been a clean beauty movement that's been gaining some good ground the past few years. I was first made aware of things like parabens and sulfates about a year or so ago thanks to my friend Kristen (hey girl) who added me to a Facebook group (Seeking Safer Options: BeautyCounter and … Continue reading Parabens, sulfates, um, what?

Essential Oils and How They Work

Hi friends! When I first heard about essential oils I was totally skeptical on how they work. Like, do you just smell them and all this amazing stuff happens? I knew when I smelled peppermint, for instance, that I did feel an immediate relief to my headaches but I couldn't tell you why. So, here's … Continue reading Essential Oils and How They Work

Bible Verse Canvas DIY

Hi friends! Today I'm going to share with you an ongoing project I've got in the works! (Ongoing meaning I haven't actually made the time to sit and finish it, just random spurts into the craft room) In our last house, we had a vinyl decal on the wall of Joshua 24:15 "As for me … Continue reading Bible Verse Canvas DIY

Member vs. Customer. What’s the Difference?

Hello again, So, my last post I talked about starting my journey with Young Living. I mentioned about signing up as a member or as a retail customer and that there are differences between the two. Well, here's the post to explain all that! When you decide to join Young Living, you are given the … Continue reading Member vs. Customer. What’s the Difference?

HOME Wall Hanging DIY

Hi friends! DIY time! We all know Chip and Jo from Fixer Upper and their love for farmhouse decor, right? I'm a fan of it too. Just in moderation haha. I was scrolling Pinterest the other day, looking through farmhouse decorating ideas and came across a cute idea that I wanted to try. It is … Continue reading HOME Wall Hanging DIY

My Essential Oil Testimony

Hello friends, So about a month ago I made the decision to become a member of Young Living and purchase a starter kit. And lemme tell you, it's been amazing to see the changes it's brought to the house. I know I've talked about my headaches here a little bit and that is a big … Continue reading My Essential Oil Testimony

I didn’t think a puppy could pee this much…

Coal is home, and we are smitten. We as in my husband and I, not Max and Scout. Scout wanted nothing to do with him when he walked in. She has a mild curiosity that was quenched the first time his fat paw booped her snoot. Max was excited to see a new friend but … Continue reading I didn’t think a puppy could pee this much…